The Edge Of InSaNiTy ✔

The Edge Of InSaNiTy ✔

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♡ Suga-Free ♡ By HomicidalLunatic Updated Jun 05

"They say that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at the people around you. If they're fine, then it's probably you." 
~ Unknown

After a covert mission goes south yet again, Robin gets kidnapped by the Joker.

Whilst The Team and Justice League are searching for their lost comrade, he is being held captive by The Clown Prince Of Crime, his mind and sanity slowly being broken down and unravelled by his captor.

When Batman gets his partner back and the Team, their teammate, they discover that he's not quite the same...and he may very well never be again.

Info: No pairings
Genre: Drama, Humor, Horror, Hurt/Comfort
Warning: Minor Language, gore, and maybe a bit of a sinister, dark birdy.

If batman without robin is boring I don't wanna know what joker's idea of adrenaline rush is lol
BillDippxOC BillDippxOC Aug 07
In the pic Joker looks like he needs aspirin right now ...I don't know how I came to that
smolnerrd smolnerrd Oct 07, 2016
God I love your stories so much. You are an amazing writer💙
AngelicNon-Angel AngelicNon-Angel Sep 27, 2016
... you don't realize how much of a sadist you are towards fictional characters until you realize exactly how big you're smiling at Joker getting ready to torture Robin. In this case, my face hurts.
Attack-On-Nerds Attack-On-Nerds Sep 27, 2016
MOAR. I need it now. This is honestly one of the best stories I've ever read. MOAR!!!
FearsomeSoul22 FearsomeSoul22 Oct 16, 2016
Imagine again.
                              Joker does what I said he does in my other comment, then dick wake up. And joker is just on time, and walks in, and dick is up, and he's like "oh goody. Now I don't have to wait anymore." And does his torchering and talking and lauphing.