Remedy » Derek Hale [social media]

Remedy » Derek Hale [social media]

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'This tragedy, why are you my remedy?'

"Stiles I swear I'll rip
 your throat out if you 
don't reach animal clinic now!"

                                         "Boo I feel sorry for 
                                          your friend!" 


       In which a rude wolf accidentally 
       sends a text to a girl sucked in the
       well of problems but eventually 
       find cure in each other. 

[Teen wolf]
[All rights reserved. I don't own teen wolf or that Jeff stupid plot.]
  @nefelibata thanks for the cover

-voidraeken -voidraeken Oct 26, 2016
After I was born, my mom heard this song in the hospital the next day- my mom says this is my song
siriuslymalfoy_ siriuslymalfoy_ Sep 27, 2016
This is soooooo cute, it makes me cry <3 I can't wait for more (:
"When you feel my heat, 
                              look into my eyes, 
                              it's where my demons hide, 
                              it's where my demons hide
lujinetamer lujinetamer Sep 28, 2016
I honestly can't wait to read this, I bet it's going to be so good ❤️❤️
DylanPosey360 DylanPosey360 Dec 28, 2016
Pay Attention I hope that you're listening cause I let my guard down😍😍😍😍😍😍. I love thus playlist
-voidraeken -voidraeken Oct 26, 2016
This sounds amazing. I honesty love social media stories- there needs to be more on here. So I am thrilled to see what you have in store.