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My Lil Vixy (A Fangle Fanfic)

My Lil Vixy (A Fangle Fanfic)

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~*Takin A Smol Break By TheSmolFangirl Updated Jan 07

[Btw, its just a playing servant not like a maid}
He gripped my hands hardly till' I surrendered. "From now, You, Vixen Mangle Animatron, are my servant till' I say you can go." My eyes were wide open. "Oh yeah? If I don't want to, what will you do, Foxy Ronzent Pront?" He thought for awhile, then responded "Nothing, but as A Animatron, you should repay someone who you did something bad to, right?" I stood in silence, he was right. "Fine playboy, I will be your servant."
What happens, when one particular day, you were at a park, bought ice cream, stumbled on a rock, and it happens to fall on a playboy from your school?
Well, that's what happened with Vixen 'Mangle' Animatron.
Vixen Mangle Animatron, just the girl you can call 'Lady Perfect'. Has a rich family, great grades, the most silky and wonderful clothes, the best education and more. Everything in her life was perfect. Well, till' one day, her ice cream fell onto the playboy of her school's head. What does he do? Well, he makes her suffer.
Foxy Ronzent Pront, playboy of the school , name a girl, and he'll get her. Yep, just another regular playboy.
But what happens, when Mangle meets Foxy and accidentaly becomes his servant?

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