Justin Bieber's Gay? (A BoyxBoy Comedy)

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McLovin By Amandaughh Updated 5 months ago
Justin Bieber, every girls favorite male pop star. Incredibly handsome, phenomenal singer... he was born to be famous. He knew that no matter what decision he made, his fans would be there to back him up, always. Or... so he thought.
    It isn't until Justin shares his darkest secret with his 'loyal' fans that they all turn on him, sending his career in a downward spiral. Devastation drives him to run away from his life and become a whole new person.
    With a new identity he finds love, loss and utter craziness. Justin Bieber's Gay? is a whole other world.
How the hell is he a damn gay??? That's just awfully disgusting
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@smartycutie Yeah! Leave us alone! You can't tell us what to do! We're Amanda's fans and you can't do anything about it! As Amanda said, WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO AGAINST YOU EVEN IF YOUR COMMENT WAS FROM A YEAR AGO!!!!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK LITTLE HEAD!!!!!!
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