Come Back ( Sequel to "Naruko Uzumaki ( Sasuke Love Story")

Come Back ( Sequel to "Naruko Uzumaki ( Sasuke Love Story")

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naruko_uzumaki21 By naruko_uzumaki21 Updated 6 days ago

Ok so this is the sequel to "Naruko Uzumaki (Sasuke Love Story). People were saying that I should make a sequel and I was like "ok, why not". And this is how I'm here now. Ok hope u like the description

When you thought it was over, it's not!!! 

After Naruko and Sasuke went their separate ways, it wasn't over. It's been 3 years and their older and wayyyyy cuter. When Naruto found out that Naruko left, he was devastated, he then went to Sasuke house but then found out that he had left to.He decided to trained for 3 years and is trying to find them now. Will Naruto beable to find them?!? If so,Will Naruto be able to get them back!?!? Who's Narutos new team!?!? Did Naruko and Sasuke get stronger!?!? Read on to find out.

Fantastic and amazing story and please update soon and can't wait to see what happens next.