A Vampires Slave

A Vampires Slave

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Moon_beauty By time_is_beauty21 Updated Feb 08

"Well I was just thinking.." I state biting my bottom lips as if I was thinking. He licks his lips at my motion and walks towards me. 

"And what is it you were thinking about?" He grins leaning against the bars.

I slowly reach out and run my hand along the side of his check, grinning at him before I grab ahold of his collar. "When I get out of here, I will personally," I whisper before yanking him closer to me and glaring at him. "Slit everyone of you red eyed bastards throats, and watch you all bleed to death." I state before pushing him away. 

I walk back over to my corner and grin. "And that bitch is was I was thinking." .


Follow Iris as she becomes a slave to the most ruthless man known to the vampire race. Will her smart mouth cost her, her life. Or will she finally do the thing she wishes most and escape?

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Little_Mermaid26 Little_Mermaid26 Aug 20, 2017
Will we see love in this story? Please say yes and please update soon! 👍❤
lisapaul55 lisapaul55 Aug 20, 2017
Sounds like  he really rich but going to have a whole lot of trouble :)
Katwithak27 Katwithak27 Jun 25, 2017
Sorry to break it to you, but hell isn't holy. Or holly for that matter.
HollyIK HollyIK Dec 15, 2016
My middle name!
                              I love this book so far( Not just because she has my middle name)
adrienne97685 adrienne97685 Oct 14, 2016
Quite beautiful not quiet beautiful 
                              lol I don't want to be a know it all but what your saying means "to be silent or you know quiet"
Kiramki Kiramki Dec 18, 2016
I don't know why, but I noticed after reading the second time: 'gaurd' is probably supposed to be 'guard'