A Vampires Slave

A Vampires Slave

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Moon_beauty By time_is_beauty21 Updated Nov 16

"You wanna hear a funny story?" I grin resting my hands on the bars. 

The vampire glares at me. "What is it, human?" He groans.

"When I get out of here, I'm going to rip your throats out and watch you blood sucking ass bleed out." I laugh grabbing ahold of the bars. 

He flashes in front of me flashing his fangs. "Your nothing but a mere human, a stain on the earth. Watch your tongue." He growls. 

I just smirk and resign from spitting in his face and grabbing ahold of his shirt. Bastard was gonna die by my hand, I can promise you that. But I really didn't want to get lashed for the second time.. today that is. 


Follow Iris as she becomes a slave to the most ruthless man known to the vampire race. Will her smart mouth cost her, her life. Or will she finally do the thing she wishes most and escape?

Your character is very sassy. I like her. I'll definitely continue reading :)
Quite beautiful not quiet beautiful 
                              lol I don't want to be a know it all but what your saying means "to be silent or you know quiet"
Lickerfish Lickerfish Oct 08
I love how sassy ur character is <3 shes amazing <3 ur talented writing also helps the book flow too <3 im loving ur brilliant work <3 can you please check out my story I just updated it please vote for it thank you