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❁Prickly Graphics❁ [OPEN]

❁Prickly Graphics❁ [OPEN]

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ℓєиα By ThePricklyCactus Updated 4 days ago

Need a Cover? What about a banner or icon? 
    Make a request and I'll deliver it when I can!! 
    And then to pay me, all you have to do is mention me in a chapter or in the description and just give me my rightful credit!
    In addition, I will also be including Banners and Icons!!!
    Hope you enjoy my services!

Duskspirit Duskspirit Mar 08
Book or Profile: Profile
                              Pen name: Alkira
                              Characters: Sasuke Uchiha, Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, and Naruto Uzumaki. Along with my Oc. My Oc looks just like the younger version of Kushina.
TamiyokoK TamiyokoK Feb 28
Book title: Broken Karma
                              Author: Tamiyoko Kagamine
                              Desc: a silhouette of an Anime girl standing in the rain, Dark blue background
                              Theme: Sad or Depressing
                              Thanks for hearing out!
I would love one of your BEAUTIFUL icons please :3
                              Username-none on the icon(Or AfterThought if it fits and is still readable.
                              Character thingy-A chibi read head with yellow eyes.
                              Colors/Theme-Fire colors? And maybe some musicy shtuff if possible.
                              Thanks for at least reading this request! :3
Duskspirit Duskspirit Jan 21
Username/Penname: Either Alkira or Duskspirit 
                              Quote: I made decisions that I regret, and I took them as learning experiences... I'm human, not perfect, like anybody else.
                              What do you want on it: Jellal and me. ( A picture of me: )
Duskspirit Duskspirit Jan 21
Title: Fairy Tail Roleplay 
                              Author: Duskspirit 
                              Cover Description: A Fairy Tail guild mark.
                              Theme: Happy
                              Fancy Or Not: In the middle
                              Colors: Silver
Title: The Lost Witch Princess
                              Author: animegirl4evr
                              Cover Description:  A silver haired girl sitting on a tree in a white dress. With fireflies flying around
                              Description: So you think magic isn't real? Well you better read my story.
                              Theme: happy and magical
                              Fancy or Simple:  Fancy