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I Love My Mates. Both of Them. BoyxBoyxBoy

I Love My Mates. Both of Them. BoyxBoyxBoy

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yaoifinatic By yaoifinatic Updated Dec 09, 2014

Jonah Harrington has had a life full of betrayal, disappointment, and pain. The things he's seen would make even the cruelest murderer cringe. He's often been described as jaded, depressing, or even soulless. He keeps to himself because he's learned over the years that the only way to keep himself from once again being hurt is by locking away all feelings and building an unbreachable wall around his heart.  He lives his life being unseen, unheard, and overall unnoticed by others. And that's the way he likes it. He was kicked out of his own pack at the young age of eleven. Left to fend for himself and literally fight for life.  Now he's fled all the way across the country and started an new existence. He does everything he can to stay hidden and under the radar of not just the pack that he had once called family but from everyone around him.   Shortly after being banished Jonah discovered something about himself. He always knew he was different but never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined he'd be so.....powerful.  Somehow he had the power to make things happen. To make things move with his mind. What will happen to this scarred, damaged soul when he comes face to face with two people he didn't think even existed? Will he find the will to love again? Will he find the courage to trust once more even after he's been betrayed time and time again?   Stay tuned to find out.

yaoipunk yaoipunk Mar 10
Why blame him his parents were the one who didn't listen to the doc and had sex
Maku-Tan Maku-Tan May 08
I can't remember what happened in September, when everything is gone. When it's dark and I'm alone.
*grabs my trusty knife* Where is he? I will kill him for hurting my baby is such a way!
2CrazyCucumbers 2CrazyCucumbers Jun 20, 2016
Wait a second if he is having sex with other guys isn't he also a as he says a "fag"
djnaver12 djnaver12 Dec 19, 2016
In a sweet voice,"I now want to kill his pack.Haha!"...too much?
yaoifangirl9000 yaoifangirl9000 Jun 25, 2016
*grabs Satan's katana* welp I gotta go do something quick, brb