We Can't (Jumin x Zen)

We Can't (Jumin x Zen)

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Aly ✨ By alycatcos Updated 2 days ago

Story about love, lust, and loss. 

Serious Smut Warning!!!!! 


Zen placed his hand on top of Jumin's making Jumin go silent. Jumin stared at the soft hand on his then looked up at Zen's eyes.  

"Jumin" Zen said "what are you feeling?" Jumin was shocked. 

No one has ever asked me that before... He thought... what am I feeling? What is this feeling in my heart when Zen placed his hand on mine? Why am I concerned about who Zen likes? That's none of my business... but I want it to be.... 

"Jumin?" Zen asked. 

"Zen... I just want to..." Jumin whispered getting closer and closer to Zen

"Kiss me?" Zen finished for him. 

What is happening? Both thought as they embraced in a passionate kiss. Why do I like this so much? They thought.

*All pictures credited to artist*

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glittery_edge glittery_edge Aug 19, 2017
i like it how everyone is calling Zen stupid
                              while im just here
                              loving the fact that Yoosung isn't the only innocent one
HouseOfYaoi HouseOfYaoi Jan 07
Hey Jumin, while your at it, bring that red ribbon of yours ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
YaoiTrashWriter YaoiTrashWriter Dec 17, 2017
I love how Zen is enjoying this, and acting like it's normal.
avacadavra avacadavra Jan 08
Omg it’s great yes 100000/10 sorry for spamming with comments I just love it so much also what about saeyoung and Yoosung? Idk I feel like I’m the only one to ship that. Or maybe saeyoung and Jumin
avacadavra avacadavra Jan 08
Ahhhhh I have school in 4 hours but what the hell why not read all of this instead
HouseOfYaoi HouseOfYaoi Jan 07
Zens just like "You had too much wine again, didn't you? Damn it" *hangs up*