Resident of Reality (HONEYMUSTARD)

Resident of Reality (HONEYMUSTARD)

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egg By a-simple-egg Updated 5 days ago

ayyyy I'm going to attempt a honeymustard fanfic. is it gonna be cringy? probably not. at the worst it'll have too many commas.

now first off: don't judge this story by the bad typing in the description, I'm just really goddamn lazy and my ass hurts because of wrestling practice. note to self, do not suplex Logan, she is much heavier than you and WILL make you fall on your ass two feet directly onto concrete. 

second off: there are two technical OC's in this story. their main purpose is so that if anyone actually reads this and comments a cool idea, I can make it happen through the OC's and justify all illogical things with them. their names are Andrew and Solas. they aren't furries, and they won't be an influential part if the story for much if it. also if you comment a thing for a character, and I like it, I'll make an oc say it to that character as a voice of reason or something.

Andrew is not a furry. he's a shadow person (look it up) with one (completely functional) leg, and a (shitty) homemade prosthetic leg made by his brother solas.  shadow people are figments of dreams and sleep paralysis.

solas is also not a furry. he's a night terror, he has a total of 0 feet, two knees, and two shitty prosthetic legs he made himself and refuses to get an upgrade, mostly because of cost. (seriously, 10,000 for a prosthetic leg. that's a lot.) he can fly, kind of looks like a lizard with a megabat's neck + head + back fur (has fur on those pieces of him because of the flying thing, keeps rain out of eyes.) he can control dreams, (night terror) and feeds off the fear of others. Literally.

there u go my guy. please disregard the OC's until you have any use for them, I'm pretty against OCs as well. unless I need someone to blame something on, they won't make an appearance. ok. let's do this shit.

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