Letting Go

Letting Go

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Is a story where Christian cheats and makes a big mistake and picks his mistress who is a gold digging whore instead of Ana. He signs off all his parental rights for his kids Phoebe (11) and Theodore (12) but does not divorce Ana. leaves Ana and the kids to suffer on the streets of Seattle. He soon finds out he made a big mistake by choosing someone who loves his money and not him,and starts searching for his family again. Until 9 years later he finds Phoebe being the Top 1 of the famous singers in the world and has won 13 Grammies and she is only 20. Theodore,  21, who is the CEO of one of the top most successful company in the world, Steele Corporations and Holdings. Ana is the CEO of the famous Steele Publishing. What will happen when they meet again? 

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The characters are not mine most of the characters belong. To EL James, but the story line of the book mine. One chapter credit goes to Brittney Saunders.

deepu_bhai deepu_bhai Oct 02, 2016
Cliff hangers! Hate them!! Please update soon! It is amazing!!
Carla286P Carla286P Oct 06, 2016
Amazing story! I am starting to love it and getting hooked to it already!
Leahv2 Leahv2 Nov 04, 2016
This would never happen. Cheating stories have no imagination or creativity easy #writingschtick
CrystalGamer8 CrystalGamer8 Dec 28, 2016
mariahoward2121 mariahoward2121 Dec 01, 2016
I don't know if its just me but I can't see this chapter its blank
Zach_33 Zach_33 Oct 06, 2016
Damn I hate these restrictions on Wattpad! They keep on deleting you comment cause it's "offensive".