Forever || LEVI X READER || Modern AU (Sequel to 'If You') (BOOK 3)

Forever || LEVI X READER || Modern AU (Sequel to 'If You') (BOOK 3)

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vikturi❤ By Ali0s_Cheney Updated Nov 20

This continues off from the first book 'If You'. This isn't going to one whole story, but little bits of what happened after Petra went to rehab, Jackson got arrested and reader and Levi got married and had a child. It will sort of like one shots, but some of them will be 2-4 parts.

Due to a lot of support on the first book and prequel, let's have one final installment in my singer!Levi AU books.

DISLAIMER: I don't own Attack on Titan, its characters, nor do I own the art in the cover.

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