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Never Had A Choice |(Yandere sans x Female reader) ◇EDITING◇

Never Had A Choice |(Yandere sans x Female reader) ◇EDITING◇

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Chibi Cherry By chibicherry1234 Completed


This fanfiction is just you, and your best friend, going down into the depths of the beautiful Mt. Ebott. You meet a nice skeleton, named Sans. Little did you know, he's a yandere..

(Contains lemon

Like lemony lemon)

Art ain't mine.

Me: Niiiiice sans, real nice -_-
                              Sans: I was just... Talking about your shirt...?
                              Me: Nice cover up! I use that one all the time, and trust me, it does not work!
Hey one of my Ocs Ruby is violent too and I think it's funny that I picked her when I didn't know she was violent yet. LOL XD
Jacksepticeye: I was being fuked up by a flower there for a second
pedalfur pedalfur Apr 08
                              Me:sorry 😓
I thought momster souls were upside down....? Maybe not oh well
                              Do I have the Hyūga curse mark??
                              *Checks her Forehead*