Hopeless Until I Met You

Hopeless Until I Met You

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presleysangel By presleysangel Completed

Shawn Morton was a man looking for something, or someone, to make his life complete.

Lori Campton was a down on her luck homeless girl without hope.

She was hopeless until she met him and now together they may just find love. 

"You know I was hopeless until I met you, don't you Shawn?"  Lori said softly.

"No more hopeless then I was sweetheart, no more than I was."  Shaw replied.

  • helpless
  • homeless
  • hurting
  • love
  • scared
  • twins
Lighthouse60 Lighthouse60 5 days ago
Damn hit by a car, loose her job and her place to live. What happen to the people who hit her, they need to pay for all her troubles. Then she almost gets rapes and gets beat up and cut, so sad. He is so nice to go get her and give her something to eat.
indiangirl809 indiangirl809 Mar 11, 2017
I'm sorry but at the line where she said she had twenty dollars in her pocket I was thinking of Macklemores song "I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket." I'm sorry that's so bad
Rhianne88 Rhianne88 May 11, 2017
Ahh he looks exactly like my ex and son's dad... The only difference is his hair is longer!! My god that's freaky!!
JoyDangilan JoyDangilan Mar 28, 2017
wow!... this was one awesome work!
                              Loving you shawn please keep Lori!😊
Lighthouse60 Lighthouse60 5 days ago
Shawn you will see her again. Your heart will find her, because you have a given soul.
StefLena StefLena Oct 09, 2016
Awe, poor girl. Things will get better :)  A great sad start to a wonderful story.