My possessive mate

My possessive mate

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I looked around frantically, the room was filled with people I didn't know. I was trying to find where this sweet aroma was coming from. Concentrate Siana, block everyone else out and follow the scent. I told myself, my feet started to carry me and I didn't ask them too. Where's was it coming from...pie? I questioned. Nah it's too sweet to be pie, a person? My mate? My feet carried me faster at the thought of it being my mate. The sent had gotten stronger, my eye skimmed the There stood in the middle of the room talking to a group of people, a Greek god. He was fucking hot. 

"Mate..."I murmured my wolf yipped at what I said. I knew he heard me because he stopped talking. He didn't look in my direction. I whimpered at this, he slightly turned his head but I still couldn't see his face. 

He seemed to sigh and went back to talking. Why won't he look at me. "Look at me.." I whispered. He stopped talking again and closed his eyes. He still didn't look at me, I gave up and turned on my heel and walked away. 

"I find my mate and he can't even look at me. Nice job Siana." I said to myself as I sat down at a table, my dress flowed behind me. 

"What is troubling you my dear?" I heard a deep husky voice ask. It sent shivers up my spine, and it wasn't good shivers it was creepy and uncomfortable ones.  

"Nothing that concerns you." I hissed in annoyance. They chuckled. "Feisty little thing you are." He said I was getting pissed off. I went to yell at him to leave me alone but I heard a gentle, yet rough and powerful voice say. 

"She's with me." That's all they said and I already who it was. 

It was my mate.

You write the chapter so good...but the only problem is that I'm keep getting lost threw the words
Ngl this is the best book I have read in forever. Thanks you so much author!!!
Can that be explains a a little more like... I'm an Irish-African
1. You need to edit this
                              2. You really can't use & in a story...
                              3. You should try using commas more (,)
Y'all lucky she a good person to her readers or y'all would know how petty she really is she's trying to be nice