A Relationship called Friendship..

A Relationship called Friendship..

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Soniiii By Soni_18x Updated Mar 17, 2017

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I just don't understand how our lives got so messed up. One minute everything was perfect and the next... It seemed like all that had merely been a dream. We were such great friends. What happened to us? Where did we go wrong? How did everything become so messed up? And worse, How could we let this happen to us? This is wrong... very very wrong. If only they were here. They can fix anything. 

Atleast, they always could.

How did things get so bad without us realizing it? I mean, we are not stupid, are we? We are supposed to know our best friends better than anyone else. Then, How did we miss such a change? Some questions do not have any answers and I guess that these are a few of them.


They say that every single person experiences change in their life. That the change is not always good. But when did change get so bad that.... That everything that's happened sees irreversible ? Where did we go wrong? We were really good friends. Now everything seems like it had all been a part of a wonderful dream - a dream which I really hope will come true sometime - the sooner the better.


Everyone makes friends but there are very few people who will stick with you till the end. This is the story of a few such people. Join 10 such individuals and find out how their friendship hits rocky edges, and nearly breaks. Find out how they go through all this and struggle to keep their friendship intact. Find out how they rediscover the bonds of friendship and eventually find love. This is a tale of friendship.... a friendship so strong, it will survive the end of time.

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ananyayk ananyayk Dec 29, 2016
                              Nice one..
                              To start a  book on friendship is the best idea ever
Rajvifan Rajvifan Sep 30, 2016
That was sooo superb Sonu! And I'm glad that we both are together, even in the story also! I hope that We both will make great friends even in the story! Kudos to your work dear! Loved it thoroughly!
                              The bio-sketches were awesome!
                              Keep writing!
                              Loads of love,
                              Sulagna ;*
Mahimaheshwari Mahimaheshwari Dec 03, 2016
Awesome chap. This is what friendship is. It's not the time that matters, it's all about the kindness that makes the bond as shown. Well written writers
Mahimaheshwari Mahimaheshwari Dec 03, 2016
Nice one. And friendship is a beautiful strong relation which doesn't broke due to misunderstanding. It may crack but won't break. And those cracks become invisible later.
MaNanAddict MaNanAddict Sep 29, 2016
Nice 1 chappy BT inke names ke sath in sb ki pics bi dekha do to better hoga imagine krne me easy hoga
ananyayk ananyayk Dec 29, 2016
                              Nice one..
                              To start a  book on friendship is the best idea ever