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Dare/Ask My OC's

Dare/Ask My OC's

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「アズールの悪魔」 By TheAzureDemon Updated Oct 19, 2016

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-F-E-A-R-L-E-S-S- -F-E-A-R-L-E-S-S- Sep 27, 2016
Question: Every person that your OC's love are in danger. If the admin could only pick one person to save, who would it be? The rest die by the way.
Narumi_Otaku_Chan Narumi_Otaku_Chan Sep 26, 2016
Yes it is Blake, yes it is.. 
-Bunny_Jackie- -Bunny_Jackie- Sep 26, 2016
Admin: Hi guys! *i wave happily* I dare all do you to tell me your cheesiest pick up line!
                              Lyra: I have children. Why you do this??
                              Lily: *giggles*
-Bunny_Jackie- -Bunny_Jackie- Oct 19, 2016
Lily: I dare Drake to tell one of his fears
                              Hokan: I dare Blake not to destroy anything for a day.
                              Me: Lel
--Ember-- --Ember-- Sep 26, 2016
Question: Let's say that the world is ending and you could only save one person. Who would it be?
Narumi_Otaku_Chan Narumi_Otaku_Chan Sep 26, 2016
Question: Why is a stick called a stick when it's not even sticky? And why are most sticky things not even called sticks?
                              Dare: I DARE U TO....
                              Have a tickle war!