Lost pup

Lost pup

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At the age of 14 Leila is forced out of her pack but she wont let this break her because she was born for better things.Secrets have been hidden from her that could affect the rest of the werewolf world.As she grows she is respected and becomes an unexpected leader.

But what happens when a lost pup comes across her path.

will Leila's life ever be the same again ?

I Think Not.

wow i hate reading and this made me read wow what an achievement
The best things that I could cook at age 8 was toast, a sandwich, baked potatoes, cereal, oatmeal, eggs and microwaveable food.
This paragraph alone is probably why people stop reading your story here
In the next paragraph it says she didn't even attend school so how did she write a book?
I kinda like Twilight, and I understand that different people have different opinions, but I'm still trying to find out what's so bad about it apart from Kristen Stewart's acting
Wow, so much hate for something unrealistic in a FICTIONAL WEREWOLF book... C'mon people, give her a break, it's fiction, doesn't have to be real