Lost Pup

Lost Pup

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They live in packs keeping their lifestyle and identities concealed. They are beings only acknowledged in works of fantasy yet they exist. A society veiled from the standard populace for their protection. 

A patriarchal society ruled by a corrupt elite were those with power gain riches and those without are abused. This hidden world of wolves is where Leila's story begins. Her pack mistreated and abused her, life with her pack held no joy as she was driven out by those responsible for her. She was forced to suffer as she refused to show her weakness that would only satisfy her oppressors. 

As her charisma and power grow along with her age so does her ability to gather the unfortunate, unexpectedly acknowledging her as their leader. The first female to rule in a world of wolves dominated by men. The unravelling of hidden secrets leads Leila on a journey of self-discovery and into an unknown battle for power. What she did not expect was the existence of a lost child to change her. Will this lost pup be able to guide her to a life of happiness and will she be able to protect the haven she has created?

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Duchess_Marina Duchess_Marina Nov 18, 2017
I wouldn't call a gasp an outburst. Not really. But it's an interesting start.
NEWMasterofSuspense NEWMasterofSuspense Aug 23, 2017
So much is just... off about this entire chapter.
                              I would do what many others did and stop reading, but just to be fairly critical, I'll keep reading.
ShaniaWhite5 ShaniaWhite5 Aug 24, 2017
I love wolves! This is such a good book i cant stop reading!!!😁😁
prettyprincess56 prettyprincess56 Feb 16, 2017
stop being so rude. It's fiction. not real so stop being so rude.
_yerawizzardharry_ _yerawizzardharry_ Feb 28, 2017
Omg I read this book a long time ago and was searching for it and here it is great job I love this
littlekelly333 littlekelly333 Aug 14, 2016
wow i hate reading and this made me read wow what an achievement