The Creation of a Madman.

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When Isabella Jacobs follows the sound of a cry into the forest, she thinks she’s running to save an animal, when really, she’s being taken to become one. 
    Isabella Jacobs was kidnapped when she just turned eight. Shunned by her family for not being normal, she was the stain on the family name. 
    Until a madman steals her away from the forest and her family she had so naïvely wandered into and he forces her into a world she knows nothing about for greater reasons than she knows. After waking from a ten year coma she is desperate to return home to her family – at all costs.
    Except her very own creator, Dr. Victor Cooper, knows she exists for a greater cause, as part of a select few he knows she’s part of a bigger plan. She’s his, his weapon in the Plan. 
    Sold to her Master, General Sanchez, he whisks her away to another prison in the remote mountains of Alaska where she learns the truth of her creation. Refusing to cooperate with them she has bigger problems than the body she controls now – her sanity is at stake. 
    Caught up in the madman’s plans a drastic turn of events during her first ever assignment leaves her doubting all the lies she’s been told. There’s something bigger to her world, and the enemy, as feared as they may be, could be the ones to hold the truth. 
    Knowing only a life full of lies she can trust no one, she is alone, she is the creation of a madman. 
    Copyright © EmilyCharlotteCooledge 2011
    [PG-13 Parents strongly cautioned.]
    [Previously known as Born Human. Due to die the creation of a madman.]
I looked at your list of works, and didn't know what to read so I decided to start at your debut work. Amazing work!
Just finished reading the last chapter!   Very good but sad!
First of all, must say that I must click the "Chapter 1 >>"
                                    I will die of suspense if I don't! This was a really great way of starting a story, because it is so suspenseful. The description definitely enhanced your writing, and good job!
Off to an interesting start, I don't get much time for reading, but I'll be sure to pass this story along to people who are looking for something new to read. And I'm going to add this to my phone so when I get more time to read on, I can. :) Voted! <3
Really like Born Human!!  1 more chapter to go!  I really enjoy reading your work and I'm your #1 fan.  :)
Hello again!  :)  I just finished reading the latest chapter and you know what?  I like it!  Keep up the good work and I hope you are ok and your friend too!  I'll wait for what's coming next.  :)