Can't hold this feelings anymore.. (akakuro fanfic)

Can't hold this feelings anymore.. (akakuro fanfic)

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Akashi and Kuroko were childhood friends since their first met. Kuroko have feelings towards Akashi but Akashi didn't realize about it due to his emotionless face.

Although Akashi Seijuro was an absolute, he also have feelings, which is love.

Kuroko wants to confess his feelings to Akashi but it's too late. He feels regretted for not confess to him from the beginning. At the same time, Kuroko feels happy for Akashi because he's finally found his loved ones.

Akashi confessed his love but he can't understand why he did so. Day by day passed and yet he still confused but still care about his lover. One day, his lover put an end to their relationship. 

(To be continued)
Read this story and you'll know what'll happen to Akashi. Enjoy!!  ※\(>_<)/※

*For those who don't agreed for Akashiand Kuroko relationship, you don't have to waste your time to read this story!

Akase Shiori, The author of this story.

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