forced love ; chanbaek

forced love ; chanbaek

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mother bean By xiummieb Updated 4 days ago

Nothing wrong will happen between two people that hate each other under the same roof, right?

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HighClassTrash HighClassTrash 6 days ago
I'm litarally crying. That alarm clock was just doing its job. It's not his fault. Alarm clocks are the most hated clocks in the world, we need to change that.
DivaBooBaekBomb DivaBooBaekBomb 6 days ago
why is chan always the one with servants or big house in these kind of fanfics that i read? (not that i'm complainig) XD
HighClassTrash HighClassTrash 6 days ago
My fam is black and puerto rican if i said some ish like dat i wouldnt be readin this today