Selfie With The Mafia

Selfie With The Mafia

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Book I & II in the Tattered Souls Series.

1st Book - Completed [16/12/2017]
2nd Book - Completed [09/09/2018]

'Where the Ruthless killer met his Tigrotto.'

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Being rich and popular, Ava Knights have got everything she wished for. A loving family and not to forget - the only daughter of the Chief of Investigation Department. So, Life was not a piece of cake for Ava, She was surrounded by enemies, enemies who crave for the blood of revenge because of her Father. But she was free, living her life by her own rules with the dream of becoming a car racer. Now that her ignorance and carelessness wasn't paid enough attention, Ava barely knew that she has led herself into a path where troubles took fatal decisions. 

She never knew that how a simple, playful game would take her to the most dangerous and powerful Mafia, Aaron Di Francescantonio of Italy who was unlovable and merciless. 

She never knew that she would be changed from the bıtchy to compassionate unknowingly for the one man who didn't even care about her personality. 

And, Ava definitely didn't know that one-stupid-selfie would leave her completely caged with painful lies and empty promises where she was uninformed with the fact that she had let Aaron to take over her heart.

Because Fate is such a terrifying bıtch with unpredictable turns and plans.

And then again, A Mafia plays hard. And when I say hard, it must be with something filthy and mysterious. 

Engulf into the twisted relationship of Aaron and Ava where love becomes an addiction and vengeance becomes a passion.

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Selfie With The Mafia. All rights reserved. 

Warning: Mature content and Violence. 

Cover by @spellrox

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_amata _amata Jun 23
Everyone making refrences to God knows who (I'll have to google it now) and I'm just here like
                              Wait for it....
Aaron di francescescescesiao 
                              ^^^^ that’s how I read it 😂😂😂😂
Just came to ask Di Francescantonio is named after the Italian actor. Bc we love other Italian sisters
It is Wattpad so yes 
                              And they will get married too 😂😂😂 
                              And have children 😂😂😂
So many people are agreeing that they don’t want to love, or be loved. Yet they’re reading a Romance book....
LupisHoodie LupisHoodie Jul 02
Aint no time to get married of have a bf. They'll just hold me back