Selfie With The Mafia

Selfie With The Mafia

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Ava Knights By KeepingItDespacito Updated Sep 04

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"Concerned?" He laughed bitterly, reading me like a magazine. "Trust me, tigrotto. I have nothing to care for you. Do you know why I said that?" He came closer to me until his breath was fanning my face. "I want those tiny knees of yours to get well, so that they could be wrapped around my waist while I'll be fūcking you so hard that you couldn't be able to walk for weeks." 

I grimaced in disgust, this was the only thing I could expect from him. My jaw clenched as the anger bubbled up inside of me. I pushed him in his chest with all my effort to which he just stumbled. He looked beyond amused and said, "The tigrotto has fangs."

He was still towering me with his large frame when he whispered huskily in his sexy tone that could make any girl swoon, "And, the tigrotto has a pūssy, too."


Unexpected love, unheard cries, empty promises, scars and painful lies,....But yet my heart still tries. 


He is Aaron Di Francescantonio. 

Cold, Heartless, Arrogant, ruthless, killer- that is what he was called. An Italian mafia boss who is feared and respected by everyone. He has a huge ego and demands on fingertips. His dark past never ceased to haunt him like a nightmare.

He wasn't made to love or be loved.


She is Ava Knights. 

She is sassy, crazy and carefree. She has a lovely family who never let her to remember her horrible past and made her to live the life again with free-full ways. And last, She doesn't do that boy friend thing as she thinks it's a waste of time. One thing that she never let anyone to know about: The dream of becoming a car racer.

She didn't want to love or be loved. 


It all started with a selfie which made them two to one.

What will happen when these two sail in one ship of different directions? 

Breaking laws, Racing, Flirting, Fun, killing, etc.. Will they be together? Do they even have a future?

Would the ruthless killer be loved?


Warning: Contains Strong Language, mature content and violence.

moonsunangel moonsunangel 3 days ago
Saw this and started laughing about how stupid it was, then realised that my name is worse.....('Veldhuyzen van Zanten', my full name is 39 letters's hilarious when people try to pronounce it)
damn, how did you come up with that?!! that an awesome tongue twister/mouthful of a name!!!
KingAndreaa KingAndreaa 3 days ago
What ?  I can't even pronounce that 😂😂😂 
                              Boy poor him when he was in Kindergarten 😂😂
MiaLock_400 MiaLock_400 Aug 08
I wonder how long it took for him to learn how to say or even spell his name
Francescantonio 😱😍sounds beautiful (it took me a long time to type that name)
jen325 jen325 Aug 29
Exactly the opposite, we are made specifically to love and be loved ❤