Love and death ( Vylante )  (sad story) (happy story)

Love and death ( Vylante ) (sad story) (happy story)

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Hey guys!! This is chapter one of this book and I hope you enjoy this and let's get going.

Dante's Pov:
It was my first day of high school and I was getting ready to leave till I almost forgot my book that I was reading. I grabbed it and ran to school, when I got to school I went to the door of the school and opened and walked in  I bumped into someone I looked at his or her eyes and by the looks of it, it was a boy with gorgeous eyes" s-sorry!!!!!" He said. He ran and went to his next class. I sighed and giggled but I felt a blush over my face" what was this feeling?" I mumbled. I looked at my schedule and the room number of my first class 264.. I looked around and it was the class that the boy ran to I giggled evilly and walked in.

Vylad's Pov:
My first day of high school was miserable I bumped into a boy and he looked nice but I was afraid he might scream at me so I ran for my life. I sat down on my desk and I started ...

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Snowyheaven Snowyheaven May 14
Difference between me and Vlyad. 
                              Vlyad: *Blushes*
                              Me: *Is German*