Scuicide Boys||BTS|| (Slow updates)

Scuicide Boys||BTS|| (Slow updates)

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(∩૦ઁロ૦ઁ)⊃━☆゚.*🐍 By Jhope_snakeu Updated Nov 22, 2016

BTS is what people call them....

"I want to build a team of very bad people"

"And why is that?"

"It just came to mind..."

The baddest boys on the face of earth people are scared of them, they stay away. Party's, drug use, alcohol use.....any thing you can think of...they've probably done.
No one know's why they agreed to this idea, but then again, their fucking crazy.

||WARNING|| this story contains: abusive background||sexual content||cursing/swearing||drug abuse||alcohol abuse||gun violence||kinks, and much, much more!

BangTanBoysfan_13 BangTanBoysfan_13 Oct 17, 2016
That video is so sick whoever made it is such a talented person!!!!
BTS17lover BTS17lover Oct 01, 2016
Please don't let be based like the movie, where the enchantris leaves
bubbles1710 bubbles1710 Jan 08
Oh my god. There's sick people out there... I hate them all. Fück all those people who abuse others, fücking aśśholes
                              P.s.  Sorry for this mini rant
real_kimtaehyung real_kimtaehyung Sep 27, 2016
El diablo should have been yoongi dead shot namjoon
                              Joker v 
                              Harley kookie
                              The croc jiminie
Jungkookisnotamused Jungkookisnotamused Oct 17, 2016
im a BIG Joker fan (and shiper) and vkook is also my otp SO HELL TO THE FUCKIN YES one of my favorite sentences ever 
                              Im just gonna hurt ya, really, really bad
                              Omg i cannot. Fangirling to hard
                              Kyaaaaaa x3
WOOOW! THE VIDEO IS FREAKING AWESOME!! who made it? Or was amazing!