The Art of Ink

The Art of Ink

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Daughter of The Big3 By DemigodInTraining Updated Jun 26, 2017

Percy's always lived in the shadows no matter what he did. Nobody saw, nobody cared- and when they paid attention, he didn't get any good attention. He never cared what they thought, so why should he now?

Living with someone that only hurt him, he struggles to cover up the scars. Makeup can only go for so much-it's time to get creative.


Cover is MINE

Any PJO and HOO characters are not mine and belong to Rick Riordan.

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icechimcake icechimcake Jun 28, 2018
If she is a dick in this story, i will make sure that i will kill her  together with all hera haters
FallDown5 FallDown5 Nov 05, 2017
Hun, 20 us nothin. *shakes head sadly* My page.... Try updating forty stories while trying to start... twenty more,which is how many covers, titles and descriptions i have made on my covers app.
bananakaminari bananakaminari May 18, 2018
I read candies as Canadians and was like "why do you have Canadians???"
Took me 10 minutes to realize this but... Jason's type is water!!!! Get it?
                              No? *sighs* this is why i have no friends
icechimcake icechimcake Jun 28, 2018
reading this make me sick, for like 10th time i rode with a plane i still hate their snack '-'
scarletdream01 scarletdream01 Aug 18, 2017
A really cool drawing but um...idky but i feel like there should be colour on the cover..just to make it pop n stuff