The Dense Girl & The Boys (Under Revision and Editing)

The Dense Girl & The Boys (Under Revision and Editing)

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L.C. Scarlett By LCScarlett Updated Nov 01, 2017

August Porter is a high school sophomore with dreams of practicality in her head. No one dares to disrupt her pace, be it in studies  or daily activities. She would not let anyone disrupt her, not even the three boys who clearly have interest on her. Nick Collins who liked her since they were kids ran off to Germany after a quarrel with her two years previously; Sidney McAllister who liked her since the last year of middle school doesn't have the initiative to say his intentions; Adrian Mauler who was turned down by her in their freshman year vowed to have his revenge. Amidst the complexity of the boys' feelings, everything worked out in a simple way. Until the exchange students arrived.

Four students from England were to be supervised by none other than August and Sidney, wherein three of these are the boys that would soon create a whirlwind right in the middle of everything. The Harrington twins,  Adler and Allen, and Kevin Howard are the types of boys that sparked August's curiosity. She wanted to know more about them by being close to them which can be quite problematic for Nick, Sidney and Adrian. Well, that and some messy 'distant cousin' matters... What will happen if these boys also fall for the dense heroine?

Note: Hello guys.I just want to say to those wondering when I will be able to update this story that I'm currently fixing the inconsistency of the storyline. I'll be single-handedly continuing the story since my sister already lost interest in continuing as co-authors.
This story will undergo a severe timeline change.Looking at it objectively, the interactions of the characters are so docile compared to how it really is in the 21st century.To remedy this, the story would take place during the 1960s and the first day of school would be changed to autumn (I was stupid and made the semester start during spring.Blame it completely on my anime-addicted self)As this is a long-term project,I cannot promise to show results quickly. Wish me luck!

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  • reverse-harem
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