MyStreet Roleplay Book (Original RP's Also)

MyStreet Roleplay Book (Original RP's Also)

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brendon's emo hair By CarWritesFanfic Updated Aug 11

Heheheheh. You seem to have stumbled upon my roleplay book.



Well, it's pretty self explanatory. Just a Roleplay book. I'll post some main topic thing to start to Roleplay off, then just give a small OC desc and comment ^•^

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Some of my friends might help too idk.

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Greetings again, friend. I have returned with new OC. May I tag you him?
pXarie-zie pXarie-zie Apr 12
( Aphmau )
                              Name : Jessie
                              She has short black hair, blood red eyes, pale skin, a white long sleeve shirt and skinny jeans, she is a were wolf her ears are black.
                              Kind, shady, calm, wise.
                              Jesse came to pink spattered all over her walls in her house.
                              "Really?" She asked calmly.
Love_Legend Love_Legend Jan 25
                              Name: Skyler or Sky
                              Looks: (profile picture)
                              Crush: Dante
                              Personality: Sassy, Kind, Overprotective, HATES HUMANS
                              Siblings: Travis's older adopted sister 
                              Other: she is the princess of magic
                              Sexuality: bi
                              Looks:long black hair pushed to the side and sky blue eyes and I have a tank top with a skull on it and I have ripped jean-shorts with black shoes and hoop earrings
                              Personality: feisty,emo,More like a boy then a girl
Kawaiibug_ Kawaiibug_ Sep 26, 2016
(Aphmau related bc why not-- also, I Roleplay in third person) Travis was shocked to see split milk on the floor of his- well him and his roommate's living room, the liquid still draining into the fabric. He yelped and grabbed towels to clean up the mess, as he heard footsteps come from the hallway.
DontHangUpThePhone DontHangUpThePhone Oct 01, 2016
XD I am bored, I wrote an entire story on my laptop about how bored I was, and then it shut off, so I came back onto my tablet, and I'm bored again. This book will be my new salvation thingynesssss XD