Betrayal, Cheater Levi x Reader

Betrayal, Cheater Levi x Reader

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NightcoreListener2129 By animoo_lover_forever Updated a day ago

I thought he was perfect..... I thought he loved me.... I guess not. Love is crazy isn't it?


Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the characters except you. I also own the story plot. This was my idea. If this story is anywhere else (other than wattpad and quotev), it is stolen.

nerdyparis nerdyparis Jul 18
No the sluts have been on that
                              Go to a hotel 
                              TREAT YOURSELF
                              I'm gonna take this knifu and end this girl lifu
AlexOrWhat AlexOrWhat Aug 21
Petra reminds me of my classmate
                              Michaela.....(said with discuss)
                              That basic bitch,yea yea
Even though Petra is still a bitch, at least she actually kind of cares, unlike Mr.Midget over here.
nerdyparis nerdyparis Jul 18
-makes mess and throw out all clean supplies-
                              Levi: ill just buy m-
                              TAKES OUT MONEY AND CLOSES ALL ACCOUNTS 
                              NOW SO HAPPY ARE WE
Wow, never thought I'd hear/read that sentence in a while, I miss watching kubzscouts