Betrayal, Cheater Levi x Reader

Betrayal, Cheater Levi x Reader

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NightcoreListener2129 By animoo_lover_forever Updated Oct 21, 2017

I thought he was perfect..... I thought he loved me.... I guess not. Love is crazy isn't it?


Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the characters except you. I also own the story plot. This was my idea. If this story is anywhere else (other than wattpad and quotev), it is stolen.

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AlexOrWhat AlexOrWhat Aug 21, 2017
Petra reminds me of my classmate
                              Michaela.....(said with discuss)
                              That basic bitch,yea yea
KimonoMaster KimonoMaster Aug 20, 2017
Even though Petra is still a bitch, at least she actually kind of cares, unlike Mr.Midget over here.
I_NeedALifee I_NeedALifee Oct 10, 2017
Oh that’s fine and dandy. You could both fall out of a window and die.
iMacaron iMacaron Oct 21, 2017
Where has the plot gone? I was reading until chapter 5 or 6 and they were in the actual show but in this there are cars and such and I’m juST CONFUSED
love-momo love-momo Dec 15, 2017
This is something I don't tell much people but I can't say suspicious or sausage like I pronounce it as suspisshes and shaushage
PrinceofInfamy PrinceofInfamy Sep 25, 2017
なんで? Petra is always the villain in every Levi x reader story.  Why?  I love her actually and I cried ehen she died . Please tell me why you hate her bc for me, she's かわいい!