A Kind of Beauty and the Beast Story- Part 2

A Kind of Beauty and the Beast Story- Part 2

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"Lila? Are you quite alright?" She heard someone ask.

"Hmm?" She mumbled, still half asleep.

"Lila, should we escort you back to your room? It seems as though you need some rest." The voice said.

"No..." Lila groaned as she roused a little.

With much struggling she forced opened her eyes, only to see Bartholomew there, gently nudging her awake. He was leaning over her with his hand on her shoulder and his face only about two feet away from hers. His blue eyes were so blue and brilliant, his face so handsome and close to hers.


Lila, the once invisible castle maid, succeeded in saving the innocent men Bartholomew and Mr. Jameson from an unjust execution, as well as exposed the King's most trusted advisor for the enemy who he truly was. But will such sacrifice end up costing her the one thing she cherishes most in life? And what are these sudden charges thrown against her?

Meanwhile, Gam sues for peace with Chivele, but an unwanted arranged marriage may be the only means by which to do so. Can King Westan keep it together long enough for peace to be made, or will he end up failing his kingdom and letting down all those he has come to care or and follow his desire to court a certain red haired maid?


#27 in historical fiction 11/16/16 ♡

Can be a stand alone book, but highly recommend that you read book 1 first!

You're one of my favorite authors, I can't wait to start reading this!
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Oct 30, 2016
When the description said the king wanted to court a certain red haired maiden I was like thank god, my faith in this series has been restored. I was debating to read part two but hearing that pushed me to the side of read the book