A Beautiful Madness

A Beautiful Madness

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Samantha Cravinhos By SamanthaCravinhos Updated 3 days ago

Sammy aka jokersexualandproud aka jokerjesus is about to take your ass on an adventure between you & daddy j. hold ya tits & cup ya dicks. 

Lol seriously though this is an actual story and I'm so happy I can share it with you guys. I took inspiration from various sources, quotes from The Dark Knight, Suicide Squad, the comics etc. 

Instagram: @sammycravinhos and @jokersexualandproud

Big thanks to the author of "Predator. Prey" because this is what inspired me to write this!

i hope your story will be translate in french because i really want to read it but i don't understand everything in english:( LOVE YOU💜
I'm surprised this doesn't have more comments, she's talking about Ivy 😭👍
THIS IS LIKE NOW MY FAVOURITE BOOK! Good job Sammy  😊 You should really write a novel! (Not even joking, you should!)
Ah omg sammy your writing skills are incredible and the book is just astonishingly good 😍 LIKE GOALLLZZZ