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Flowersfortheboys By Flowersfortheboys Updated Oct 16

She hides in the shadows, shielding her face
This child never laughs, this child never smiles
Longing for the warmth of a mother's embrace,
Her body is broke from wandering miles.

Her face stained with tears, from nights when she cries
She walks through the darkness screaming their names
Despite all her pain her hope never dies
She's searching for the place from where she came.

They left her behind did they even care?
She calls to the ones who watch from above
She falls to the ground as her strength does wear.
All she ever wanted was to be loved.

As she takes her last breath the light shines through.

Then she fell.

Beautifully written. Looking forward to more❤️👏❤️
I'm so excited *happy dance* 💃 💃 💃 
                              This was AWESOME! 
                              Thanks so much for the update. 👏👏👏
                              Loved it and can't wait for more ❤️❤️❤️