An Unfortunate Turn: A danganronpa roleplay[COMPLETED]

An Unfortunate Turn: A danganronpa roleplay[COMPLETED]

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You don't remember what happened. You were doing...something when you just blacked out. When you woke up, you were in a giant sealed room with others, most of which you didn't know...

Then this...monocromed bear appeared and told you all to kill each other...and watch out for your forbidden actions...?

You saw a bracelet thing around your wrist and an ng code specific to you showed up...

What was this...?


"I don't think so." Munakata said,"Things are really stressful right now and that's probably just it."
Ryota slowly opened his dull eyes.
                              Aoi smiled at Yuta, "Anything for you, Bro."
"H-Here's my dorm," Chihiro said, stopping at her dorm room but not letting go of Mondo's hand.
Gundam was startled by the sudden action. He stumbled backwards, falling onto his back, accidentally dragging down the girl with their entangled legs.
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Juzo heard what Chisa said and clenched his fist,looking down at the ground.
"Do you need some company for a little while? Or will you be ok by yourself?" He offered, looking down at her worriedly. He noticed Ryota stirring, "You waking up man?" He didn't put down the small man just yet.
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