Weasley Randomness of Randomness

Weasley Randomness of Randomness

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Tis is Forge Weasley's mind.

Come here if you're feeling blue! I'll know how to cheer you up! You'll become red with laughter that you'll forget your sorrow! Maybe it will surcease completely if not just turn the page and another click of humor is at your wake!

Cover made by @MaraudersPotterhead

@TheRealFredWeasley //Please disregard the fact that Wattpad is a stupid mf that can't place comments in the right section ._. 😂😂😂😂😂
Question; do you want me to make you a cover?
                              Demand; Change your profile picture.
Your face is so beautiful
                              DAMMIT I VOTED TOO MANY TIMES TODAY
                              I will come back to this
Patrick is the only thing that brings me joy * snorts a laugh *
This_Riddle This_Riddle Sep 26
To be Continued...
                              Weasley Randomness of Randomness
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