Klance at Hogwarts

Klance at Hogwarts

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◎Rhivvine◎ By PinkieMushroom Updated Mar 13, 2017

"Brown scruffy hair, and a hand me down robe? your must be a Sanchez."

Klance fic where Keith, Lance, and the rest of Voltron attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Keith and Lance do not get along AT ALL until they start to notice little things about eachother that all together just drive them crazy in a good way. Of course, you cannot write a Voltron fanfiction without the one and only sass queen Pidge, who will most DEFINITELY find a way to make Keith and Lance realize they are screwed as long as Pidge is there. 

Please enjoy and realize i have nothing better to do with my life and when i'm writing a chapter the probability of me writing it at 3 am is 98%. So expect to get updates at 3 in the morning.

disclaimer: this is most likely never be finished unless idk i feel like it

Comments are welcomed! i really love it when you guys comment on my stories and vote! :)))

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@Ticcitobyfan14 As soon as i have the time! I'm working on the next chapter now!
PinkieMushroom PinkieMushroom Jul 25, 2017
thank you for liking it!! i'm so happy!! and At Hogwarts they go to 7 but there's this extra part where they can go for an 8th year but i understand how that might not make sense haha so ill change it
LoveReading416 LoveReading416 Sep 11, 2017
I really really really like it! ❤️FANTASTIC STRORY! You're a great writer! I'm just waiting for an update 😍
megtheconqueror megtheconqueror Jul 12, 2017
Waiting for an update. Just one little question thought: 8th years? Besides that confusing detail its really good.