treat you better • dolan twins

treat you better • dolan twins

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hayley adams

I dressed in a plain white tee with blue ripped jean overalls, before sliding on white adidas shoes to complete the outfit. my dad walked in my room smiling, "are you wearing that?" he asked me.

"do you want me to wear something else?" I asked back, looking down at my out my outfit to see what was wrong with it.

"it's like eighty degrees outside." he said.

"but the bruises are still on my legs." I shrugged, "I know we are going to court, but I still don't want them to show." I said.

"I understand sweetheart, are you ready?" he asked me.

"yes, thank you for doing this for me." I smiled, I hugged him tightly. we walked down stairs and got into my black jeep, my dad had gotten me it for my birthday.

I drove us to the court room, I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared on the inside. what if they don't let my father have full custody over me, what if I have to continue living with or seeing the woman known as my mother.

we pulled up and walked up the whole flight of...

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twinkiedols twinkiedols Jan 10
why did u crash my car?
                              cuz i wanted to see how a mercedes bends. (benz)
IAmMrsEthanGDolan IAmMrsEthanGDolan Nov 30, 2017
When I read the title of the book Shawnee cam to my mind and I sang
When you realize one of your idols is on crack😂😂😂😂😂
sleepysuicide sleepysuicide Aug 23, 2017
Hoe fight me u guys didn't feel anything now ur gonna feel my foot up ur ass!
averri29 averri29 Feb 06, 2017
This is my favorite song on that album I'm literally obsessed with it 😂😂