:Rental Boyfriends: Osomatsu-San X Reader

:Rental Boyfriends: Osomatsu-San X Reader

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Destroyer of the Dog Dimension By -Kusomatsu- Completed

You were tired of your friends pestering you about finding a boyfriend. After your 23rd birthday party, you decided it was time to look for someone, until an odd flyer appeared in your mail...


You had to rent each one. You had the urge to see who was the best...

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im actually very good at keeping my food in when it comes to amusement park rides
PapyB0i PapyB0i Feb 05
WHAAAAAT?! Love is not for sale! >:(   Love is not about money! Its about what you feel in your heart. But always be careful. Loving can hurt sometimes, y'know? :)
WhyDoWeTryToPlayGod WhyDoWeTryToPlayGod Oct 24, 2017
They're so desperate for ladies and money that they whore them selves out to the townfolk. My kind of man
Rin_The_TDP Rin_The_TDP Jan 21
I won't puke but I would snap the hell out and jump off the coaster :^
NeoGlitch NeoGlitch Mar 10
Reader: *plays Not today- BTS* nope,
                              Friend:*start to shake head to the beat* when this song end- imma beat your ass!
RockGahl RockGahl May 09
The 1st, 2nd, and 4th is not true. Im not really sure about the 3rd one tho