Momma Hale {A Derek Hale Collection}

Momma Hale {A Derek Hale Collection}

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Bonniebird By bonniebird Updated Sep 25, 2016

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) moved to Beacon Hills to finish training in Druidism with Deaton after he asked her to take over assisting the McCall pack. However after a rocky start she bonded with Derek, quickly being marked as Derek's mate.

While Stiles was the first to refer to (Y/N) as Momma Hale that Hale Beta's quickly adopted the term as she helped Derek rebuild the hale house and moved in with them.

While there's still tension between the McCall and Hale packs, each having their own Druid supporting them allowed enough headway to be made when discussing territories that Beacon Hills if, f0r now, peaceful.

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