The Breach: A Reschen Valley Novel #Wattys2017

The Breach: A Reschen Valley Novel #Wattys2017

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Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger By ChrystynaLucykBerger Completed

*** Storyteller Award, First Prize***
*** Discourse Award, First Prize, Genre: Historical Fiction***

To bury a secret, you must begin lying. What happens when those lies spin out of control? In the spring of 1920, Katharina Thaler finds a man stabbed and left to die on her alpine mountain. A war medal leaves her no doubt that he is Italian. With the Tyroleans fighting to prevent the annexation of their province to Italy, Katharina knows that, by saving his life, she will bring unrest to her valley. When she discovers why he is there in the first place, she will be hemmed in by the New World Order; a force, which splits families apart, steals one's identity, and cultivates secrets. Secrets, which cost too much.

*** Storyteller Award, First Prize for Historical Fiction - Aug 2017 ***

Cover art: painting by Pino Daeni, RIP
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Xanatos271 Xanatos271 Jul 18
Hmmm... an interesting beginning... with all kinds of characters that I want to know about 🙃 Exactly what we readers want to see ;)
CathySnarey2 CathySnarey2 Sep 26, 2016
The perfect way to end the day, at the start of Katarina's journey. Looking forward to chapter 2.
StefanLucyk StefanLucyk Oct 01, 2016
To be ultra critical... You squeeze a trigger, you don't pull it. Maybe this is the intent to show that she's not keen on the talents of shooting?
John_beaver John_beaver Oct 20, 2016
what a great work, congratilations! I liked so much your style, well developed story so far... I want to read more!
rskovach rskovach Nov 23, 2016
Wow, your writing is excellent. I already have a sense of the characters you've introduced so far, as well as their immediate environment. There's also the great hook of who's this Italian and who wanted to kill him, which definitely makes me want to read more.