Mates with a Hybrid

Mates with a Hybrid

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Sky By crazylove420 Updated Aug 15, 2015

First Chapter sorry for the spelling my computer is broken

buzzz, buzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"ughhhhhh" I yell picking u my phone. I had a message from Rebekah so iI open it. "Hey, what to go shopping later?" I think about it shoping with Rebekah sounds fun how bad could it be? "sure" "ok here's my address 1028 Mistic Falls" ughh thats on the other side of town well at least its a small town. I get u and go to my closet . I find some shorts with a Jack Daniels shirt i add my black vans with a over the shoulder purse ,and head down the stairs of my 2 story medium size house for breakfast. I grab some snacks too because i have a feeling we will be shopping for hours knowing Rebekah. 

i was almost there when i got a text from Damon "Hey,watch out Klaus is still out there" "got it if i see anything or hear anything i will call" "no Sare don't give him your name and don't let him see your face we don't need him on your tail too" "aww Damon your humanity is showing through" " ya ya wat...

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KateAnderson132 KateAnderson132 Aug 29, 2017
Try running up and down 2 flights of stairs only breathing through a straw. Its not exactly accurate but its close enough apparently
-niklausmikaelson -niklausmikaelson Nov 13, 2013
Right when i was getting excited to read more it ended there. PLEASE UPDATE!!! I love n i dont care about the mis spelling i still love it!!!(: