Moon Goddess (Completed)

Moon Goddess (Completed)

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Lillie Shay By MadnessReverie Completed

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Kamaria had been promised to marry the God of Chaos since infanthood. It was a match that her parents saw as advantageous and fortunate. But a chance encounter with another man leaves Kamaria struggling with her sense of duty to her family versus the duty she owes to herself. To her heart.      
Not all beginnings are sunshine   
Sometimes the best beginnings come from darkness and heartbreak. 
Please Note That this is NOT a werewolf story!!! I tagged werewolf because it is more or less an origin story. But the story is about the Moon Goddess and no werewolves at all.
Thank you :) 

**This is a work of fiction - solely from my imagination. Any Similarities are purely coincidental** 

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