I Chose to Die (Siren Suicides, Book 1)

I Chose to Die (Siren Suicides, Book 1)

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On a rainy September morning that just so happens to be her sixteenth birthday, Ailen Bright, a chicken-legged, straw-haired teenager, decides to commit suicide via drowning in the family bathtub. The ornate marble tub, adhering to her abusive father's love for anything expensive and Italian, is decorated by five sirens - who seemingly help her escape the house when her father breaks down the bathroom door. After an almost-successful suicide attempt number two, which lands her at the bottom of a lake, she learns that sirens are, in fact, real, and they want to turn her into one of them. An amazing, yet dark look into the mind and heart of a suicidal teenager, this urban fantasy follows Ailen's struggle to figure out the meaning of life, the unraveling of her confusing feelings for her theatrically goofy best friend Hunter, and her desperate battle for her father's love.

From readers:

"Anske successfully inhabits her character, so that she lives on the page." ― Michael Gruber, NYT bestselling author of The Return

"Our greatest truths are often found in our works of fiction, and Siren Suicides is no exception." ― Graham Milne, writer and blogger

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MelodyNBlues MelodyNBlues May 19, 2015
Wow, I'm really glad you pursue writing. I've just read a few chapters but I love it already.
rskovach rskovach May 19, 2015
Have you considered uploading each chapter separately? You'd see your reads improved drastically. Excellent start with chapter 1, btw.
candletaper candletaper Apr 30, 2015
I'm I'm I'm ........IMMA GOOFY GOOBER
                              please excuse my ignorance I had to
gingerbunny13 gingerbunny13 Apr 17, 2015
Ksenia you are an enticing author I would simply loveit if you wrote another book. Your characters are relatable (Lilith) to my own personality. I enjoy reading your stories.
bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Feb 04, 2015
I love how much thought and effort you put into your writing. Suicide is a tough subject to tackle. I am a left behind of loved ones who have taken that route.
bayaBLUE bayaBLUE Feb 02, 2015
I feel like I shouldn't laugh but I found it so damn funny :)