Mind Fuzzed

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Nuh uh By candybanapple Updated 4 years ago
Extreme contamination of the brain. Madeline has been Mind Fuzzed to the point where almost every unconscious instinct is being expressed openly. The once sensible girl was now capable of robbing a bank and running down the street naked just because she felt like it. Imagine what happens when she bumps into Zach Stone. He’s popular and scary and possibly her polar opposite. A guy she happens to have crushed on for the past 2 years…
i really like the entire concept of it.  it's definitely unique. :) the flow was good.  the only thing that you need to improve on is where you place commas.  you're lacking some here and there.
HAHAHAHAA THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS! This is a super original story, Madeline's actions are so funny, especially the way she was attempting a forward roll in the car :P
I really like it so far!! The idea is really original, and definitely intriguing. I'm really liking Madeline! : ) <3
Hell like it? Pfft no!
                                    I fucking love it! It's insane and what I would love to do all the time:) I can't wait for ur next upload!
i LIKE IT, you are great writer,and i think that this is good story to be finished,,
                                    I didn't  made any new years revolution,:/ becouse i now that i couldn't keep them -.-"
Really detailed
                                    really original
                                    Very grabbing!
                                    Upload soon!!*voted*