Not the Same *editing*

Not the Same *editing*

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LetTheGamesBegin_ By LetTheGamesBegin_ Updated Feb 08

"We may be twins, but that doesn't mean I like her."
  Meet Adam and Avery.  While they may look practically the same, they are completely different people who live completely different lives.
  Adam is the captain of the soccer team; the popular guy that girls can't help for but swoon for when he smiles.  Guys want to be him; girls want to date him and he loves every second of it.
  Then there's Avery.
  She works hard to get good grades, unlike her brother who parties every weekend, she prefers to spend her nights in her dorm room with her best friends watching and quoting Disney movies.
  Due to events in their pasts, Adam and Avery most certainly do not get along. 
  So what happens when Avery is given the opportunity of a lifetime to finally make her brother as miserable as he's made her and all she has to date is date his arch enemy?
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  Rated PG 13
  Warning: touches on sensitive topics such as eating disorders, and depression.

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