Hetalia: Shipping RP

Hetalia: Shipping RP

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✕CATS✕ By _Nekotalia_ Updated Oct 22, 2016


As you can see, I made a shipping RP, inspired by many other RPs I seen.

The rules are simple:

1.) No smut!! Sorry. Just fluff. Kisses, make out sessions are okay, but no smut will be permitted. Mentions of smut and other shiz will be allowed too, I guess.

2.) Stay in character! You don't need to use their accents like: 

ARUARUARU!!! ZHE ZHITTY ZUTT!!! TH'S 'S 'V'RY S'CK'N'NG ''''''''''''!!!!, Etc. 

Just use,

"I think I would like a banana." Sweden says in a thick Swedish accent.

3.) You can request rarepairs!! 

Please do.

4.) Swearing is allowed (just for you Roma), but censor it. 

5.) 2p!/Nyo!/Neko!/AUs are allowed! Heh.

6.) Any yaoi, yuri, etc. ship will be allowed.

7.) If I don't respond within an hour or so, then tag me in the RP, but please don't spam me. •_•;

That's all for now!!


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Fandom_RP Fandom_RP Sep 04, 2017
1p Germany x 2p Italy and Felicest please!!! There two of my OTPs
-Kugelmugel- -Kugelmugel- Sep 26, 2016
((*breaks through 5 bricks walls* I  want me some TurkFra--- (pls c: ) ))
KateRockz KateRockz Dec 24, 2016
My mum is sitting right next to me so I'm trying not to die of laughter.
- - Oct 09, 2016
Ooh, can I ask for GiriTurk / TurkGiri / Greece x Turkey? :3
- - Oct 13, 2016
{I request any pairs with Austria or Ukraine.
                              You choose xD I just wanna rp a ship with ma babs :3 }