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My Wattpad Boyfriend

My Wattpad Boyfriend

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Cat By demonicblackcat Updated 3 days ago

Have you ever wished that the wattpad boys that you read were REAL? Emma Wesley is your average 16 year old girl... except she's hot stuff in a popular writing website Wattpad. One of her stories have graced the hot-list and now she's trying to write another instant-hit, and of course it's a Bad Boy story.
  Problem comes when she posted the first chapter of her story. Landon Gray, the smirking extraordinaire, brooding genius, six-pack perfection from her story, comes alive.
  Landon Gray, a creation of her mind, suddenly became the new student in her school with all of his wattpad bad boy persona. He charms all of Emma's friends and manages to get himself in trouble all the time. 
  And he's so very determined to make her his. 
  Can you fall in love with your own character?

hUmOrMePxNkLeSs hUmOrMePxNkLeSs 2 days ago
If only this were true... *Sinks into a gigantic sea of everlasting sadness*
*clears throat*
                              Hey there...
                              *leans back on chair but chair moves so I fall*
hUmOrMePxNkLeSs hUmOrMePxNkLeSs 2 days ago
 #ftr I wish almost every guy in every Wattpad book I've read was real. Life would be effin' great. *Sighs dreamily*
Imagine if I wrote BTS on a wattpad story then there they were right outside my door?! AHH WHY DOES MY BRAIN WORK WHEN I DON'T WANT IT TO. ITS LIKE 3 AM BUT IT ISNT SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING.
liketeading5 liketeading5 3 days ago
                              I haven't started yet but I know that this is the kind of books girls on Wattpad(including myself) want to come to reality.
                              I hope it's as great as it seems.
hUmOrMePxNkLeSs hUmOrMePxNkLeSs 2 days ago
*Nods head in acknowledgment* Sup bro, my name's–FACK! *Trips over shoelaces and faceplants* *Hawt guy eyes her weirdly and walks away* Good t-talking to you, person! We should get pizza some time! *Whines eternally*