Frozen Glacier | Gruvia

Frozen Glacier | Gruvia

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Lush By Iushie Updated Jul 03

Juvia is sweet and loving wife to her
 cold-hearted husband 'Gray Fullbuster'. 
he's in a Mafia called 'Fairy Tail'; since they are well-known a lot of people are out to get them.
Sometimes it's not only them they are after..

And Celia (An annoying cow) is always trying to seduce him.

I wonder why?
How will Juvia cope with all of this?
How will Gray handle Celia?

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knowing me if Celia walked passed me like that i would of grabbed her hair and sat listen bitch walk past me like that a agin ill make sure plastic surgery cut fix your face got that.
Phia271613 Phia271613 Apr 08
Sting~San and Rogue~Kun they couldn't have been bad right... 😥😟
Iushie Iushie Oct 08, 2016
It's a pretty good one and I hope that you update soon ❤️
*Cough* slut *cough* what who said that........
                              *Sips facts not tea*
mellocello mellocello Oct 26
Don't,  worry,  there is a special place in hell for her c':