Shalour High - Amour

Shalour High - Amour

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ica-stig By icastigsnotkott Updated Dec 03, 2016

"Who would you die for?" That's what Dawn had asked me. I had never really loved anyone. I had no one who really was that precious to me, not that I didn't care about friends and family. That's how I felt, until that day happened. That new kid. There was something about him.

The name's Serena Yvonne, I'm just a regular 16-year old girl, or that's how I wanted to be. I'm trying to get through life with my pokémon, although sometimes it's kinda hard. But I've got my friends to support me. One day, however, would start to make my life go nuts. It all started when this new kid came. He made life so much easier, yet so much harder. It's difficult to explain what I've been through, so if you wanna know, why dontcha follow that crazy part of my life. Ready?

Before you read, beware. I ship waaaaaay too many people. I don't own any of the characters in this story, except for some eventual OCs. ENJOY! Also, I have a potty mouth (sometimes)

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xXCloudKittenXx xXCloudKittenXx Sep 25, 2016
Glad I could support!! I will keep on reading this story!! As I said before, I know it'll be great! Just "Never give up till it's over!!"
gamerkitty6274 gamerkitty6274 Oct 29, 2016
My cousin XD little OOC but that's fine, as long as everything isn't too rushed :D
freyaii freyaii Sep 26, 2016
Good luck for the book 💕💕 English is not my first language either but if you keep working with it, it always gets better and you are already doing pretty well. Thanks for the honor. Xoxo 😊
Sawyer-Kun Sawyer-Kun Sep 25, 2016
I'm glad I could help in anyway! But your English is amazing, so you don't have to worry about a thing! 😎
xXCloudKittenXx xXCloudKittenXx Sep 27, 2016
This is such a cute story so far!!! I AM GOING FANGIRL MODE RN!!!! KILL ME BEFORE I START GOING CRAZY!!!!!  Welp, it's too late. AAAATTAAAACK!!!!!!