The Hospital Girl

The Hospital Girl

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After a horrific train crash, Amy Cruz is stuck in hospital. Her only company her younger brother Alec, her pregnant roommate Grace Blakewood. Grace is married to Seth Blakewood, who is the alpha of the Kampfer pack.

Seth's younger brother Steven, comes to visit one day to scold his brother for ditching band practice, but ends up finding his mate in the process. Steven wanted nothing but a strong femme wolf as a mate, not some petty, weak human like Amy.

Steven soon realises that when something you want is taken away from you, you strive to get it back.

Through family conflict, trust and passion, will Steven and Amy end up together like fate had planned?

xXIceBearXx_ xXIceBearXx_ Apr 27, 2016
I have to sing that song for choir and I hate the song I've sang it so many times
chloeexe chloeexe Feb 04, 2016
I have a friend named Sammy who's a thirteen and he said this to his twin Stephen and my best friend Cassidy
Deliquio Deliquio Nov 05, 2015
Talk about drastic change of plans, next time please tell us before, you ass
Deliquio Deliquio Nov 05, 2015
Mother said the same about me listening to Marina and the diamonds, Florence + the machine, and Daughter
mydreamadventure mydreamadventure Oct 18, 2015
Ummm who doesn't desire attention ya assssss, that ain't a bad quality and I can't wait until he figures that out haha
Wolf_0512 Wolf_0512 Jul 26, 2015
I love this book this is my second time reading it....also am i the only one who imagine the characters as Anime Characters?