What if... Will you?

What if... Will you?

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"Pie, oh my God, this is happening! You GOT to see this" said a girl, panting as she almost slipped running just to fetch her friend inside the classrom. She swiftly held her friend's wrist and was about to drag her somewhere.

This friend of hers, whose hazelnut eyes was staring blankly just a while ago, is now so shocked to see herself being dragged by her panting friend.

"Hey, where are you taking me?" the girl with a gorgeous hazelnut eyes said.

She glanced around her classroom, only to find girls gathering on the window revealing the hallway, some giggling at each other, while some was staring at her, flashing their best smiles as if she won the lottery.

"What's happening?" she thought to herself.

The two girls stopped in front of the door.

"I'm so happy for you, Pie" the girl giggled to her friend with the hazelnut eyes, who's now so confused of what's happening around her.

"Okayyyy.... But what's happeni---" Pie said, when her friend opened the door.

"Off you go" her friend said as she pushed the latter off the door.

Pie almost kissed the ground but she managed to balance herself, her eyes on the floor. She noticed a white string that was taped near the floor that she almost fell into. She slowly looked up, and saw something that caught her attention.

The string leads to a balloon with her name printed in the middle of a heart
She couldn't help but to smile. Only that person would make this kinds of things for her and that is...

"Hey, Pie. You look beautiful today" I said.

She turned beside her and saw me, a tall, long haired girl, presenting her my sweetest smile.

"Kim!" she giggled

Amidst all of the girls that's been staring at us, all of the balloons with Pie's name written on it, this cake behind me with the message: "Pie, will you be my girlfriend?". All of it dissapeared when I saw that breath taking hazelnut eyes of hers.

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